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Our Charity Work

Some photos of our charity work with schools in Africa and the Scotia Education Trust for Africa

Photos of a secondary school supported by Scotia Education Trust for Africa

The Head Teacher at Chiraweni Primary School said his pupils couldn’t really comment on how much better Angler protractors were as they mostly do not have maths sets because parents can not afford them. Any protractors they have had have been flimsy, bend and break easily. The Head Teacher also said that not having protractors seriously affected the pass rate in the Primary School Leaving Certificate Exam (PSLCE is taken after 8 years at Primary School). Maths is a very common reason for failure in this exam; questions involving protractors or maths sets could be up to 25% of the marks in the maths paper. In the exam last June, most pupils were completely unable to do these questions. A good pass in PSLCE is needed to be offered a place in a Secondary School.

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